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Future-Proof Your School with BioTechBuilder

BioTechBuilder is a proven curriculum that prepares students for purposeful and wealth-building careers in biotechnology.

Developed in partnership with industry-leading companies, BioTechBuilder is a complete solution for educating a future-ready workforce that will solve some of the world’s greatest challenges with life science.

Lab Skills

Introduces essential lab concepts and techniques


Introduces DNA and protein analysis techniques.


Introduces industrial biotech applications and commercialization practices.

BioTechBuilder Lab Skills img

BioTechBuilder Lab Skills

This module introduces essential lab concepts and techniques for making solutions and growing cells.

Explore the modules:

Starting with lab safety and chemical handling, students progress through weighing solid chemicals, preparing common solutions, and culturing bacteria using aseptic techniques.

4 Lessons
1 Lab Practical

Students learn the math and procedures used to prepare and dilute solutions, measure and adjust pH, and use heat and aseptic techniques where needed.

8 Lessons
2 Lab Practicals

This topic introduces students to methods for culturing bacteria on solid and liquid media and the use of a spectrophotometer and plating to measure viability.

4 Lessons
2 Lab Practicals

BioTechBuilder Foundations img

BioTechBuilder Foundations

This module uses a molecular
framework to introduce techniques in
DNA and protein analysis.

Explore the modules:

This topic introduces students to DNA techniques used in modern biotechnology including DNA isolation, PCR, restriction digest analysis, gel electrophoresis, and sequencing. This topic reinforces solution preparation and lab math, micropipetting, and documentation.

12 Lessons
3 Quizzes
2 Lab Practicals

This topic teaches students to express and analyze a protein of interest. Hands-on experiments unify and apply content related to gene expression, protein induction, enzyme activity, protein concentration measurements, and separation techniques including column chromatography and SDS-PAGE.

14 Lessons
2 Quizzes
3 Lab Practicals

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BioTechBuilder Applications

Introduces industrial biotech applications and commercialization practices.

Explore the modules:

This topic explores the life cycle for production and manufacturing of bioproducts, including upstream processing, downstream processing, GMP, and quality control. The labs include scale-up processes, viability assays, and product activity tests while students document their work with batch records.

14 Lessons
3 Quizzes
3 Lab Practicals

This topic allows student to explore each stage of the engineering "design-build-test-learn" cycle, first using existing BioBuilder kits and then through the application of BioBuilder’s abstraction hierarchy to design a novel biotechnology. Lab skills focus on microbial culturing, transformation of both bacteria and yeast, and measurement of cellular outputs.

20 Lessons
3 Quizzes
3 Lab Practicals
1 Project

The benefits of

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our “biotechnology-in-a-box” curriculum teaches essential lab skills and foundational approaches to DNA and protein analysis, biomanufacturing, and synthetic biology.

Industry-Recognized Certifications

BioTechBuilder prepares students for stackable micro-credentials, documenting their readiness for entry-level positions in the biotech industry.

Hands-on Learning

Accessible and engaging modules build scientific understanding and student confidence through at-the-bench training, lab practicals, and peer-to-peer learning.

Partnerships That Prepare Students for Tomorrow

Through strategic partnerships with industry leaders, we offer a curriculum that's not just current but forward-thinking. Our network ensures students are college and workforce ready, setting them up to pursue meaningful careers in the bioeconomy with or without post-secondary education.

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